¿Es Incoherente la Postulación de Mundos Posibles?

  • José Tomás Alvarado Marambio


This work presents the different forms of Cantorian paradoxes that have been proposed against all the variety of forms of Actualism in the metaphysics of modality. These Cantorian paradoxes are presented in the wider context of Cantorian paradoxes directed against the notion of “world”. The article presents two main general strategies to deal with the paradoxes: (i) the strategy of “amplification” and (ii) the strategy of “restriction”. The first strategy is proposed as the most plausible. As the problems affect in the same way all actualist theories (and even the notion of “world”), they cannot be used against any particular actualist theory of modality. The feasibility of a general amplification strategy, on the other hand, is a reason to suppose that all those theories have not much to fear from those paradoxes.