Uma análise fregeana de expressões para eventos e resultados dos eventos

  • Ana Polakof
Schlagworte: Frege, Events and result nominalizations, events, result-objects


This paper makes a Fregean analysis of certain expressions which, according to the way they are constructed, can refer, firstly, to events (A tradução da Bíblia por João demorou dois anos) and, secondly, to the results of these events (A tradução da Bíblia de João está sob a mesa). This paper intends to show that –if we take into account the above mentioned expressions and use Fregean notions such as meaning, reference, function, argument and concept–  it is possible to consider events as objects. To do this we need to articulate developments made both from a linguistic perspective and a philosophical one. In this particular case, we take into account the Fregean ontology; we try to analyze ontologically the linguistic phenomena called nominalization and arrive to interesting conclusions about the ontological and semantic behavior of the expressions that contain event and result nominalizations.